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Be A Foster Parent. You Can Do It!

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Fostering a dog is a wonderful, selfless thing to do. I have been part of countless rescues that had the money to pull a dog off “death row” but nowhere to place the dog until he/she is formally adopted, so the rescue fails without a foster. Often these dogs just need a place to go, a warm bed and willing foster family, for a month or so, to avoid being “put down.” Don’t you have the room? Please contact your local rescue organizations and volunteer to foster and save a deserving dog’s life. People often say that they are too afraid they will fall in love with the dog and be unable to give it up. This is what I thought when I fostered Gracie (my first foster).

I have since fostered a number of times and when the dog finds his/her Fur-ever home I am sad to say goodbye but I know I saved their life. Every time I foster, I wait a few months to reunite with the dog. I will never forget my reunion with Gracie. I adopted her to a wonderful family. I waited months for her to get to know her new family. I heard she cried the first night we were apart (I did too) but when we met up months later she went crazy when she saw me. She totally recognized me and was so excited. We spent the afternoon playing and remembering and then we said goodbye. When I walked away in the opposite direction from Gracie and her new mom, I waited a bit and then turned around. I was so afraid Gracie would be looking back at me wondering why I had left her again, but to my delight I saw Gracie happily walking with her mom. Not only was she looking forward, but her tail was wagging as she was heading home, hand-in-leash with her mom.

I knew Gracie was where she belonged. It was the best feeling and I was so happy. I always remind myself about this day and I am able to foster more dogs and save more lives. Be a foster parent. You can do it!

Visit WagAware’s Instagram (http://instagram.com/wagaware) to see a picture of Gracie (and dogs from around the country) wearing a WagAware Ambassador Charm, supporting dogs in need by raising awareness and funds for rescue. Go Gracie!

For a direct link to Gracie: http://instagram.com/p/btoCBJNv4u/.

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