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WagAware Rescues Two Shelter Pups!

In the wake of July 4th, we knew shelters were overwhelmed and wanted to help. Thanks to our incredible WagAware supporters, over the holiday weekend, WagAware donated $2,500 to the incredible Bill Foundation, and yesterday Annie Hart went to Baldwin Park Shelter in her trademark overalls with her lucky leash to rescue two very lucky, deserving dogs.  One was a perfectly healthy, adorable, 2 year old Shi Tzu we aptly named Rufus (Rufus has joined the WagAware Ruff-olution!) and the other, a 5 lb girl was (unbeknownst to her) on her last day at Baldwin but Annie (and our WagAware supporters) changed all that. Meet our new favorite, pint-sized, chi princess, Ariel.

ArielScreen Shot 2013-07-07 at 11.40.49 AMAriel’s a lot older and missing most of her teeth, and she’s also got a severe oral infection, but you could have fooled Ariel. She acts like a puppy and wiggles her tail so hard her whole butt goes back and forth, and she doesn’t dare bark; she squeaks and melts everyone’s heart. This wiggle-butt is now getting the care she needs. The vet was kind enough to stay open late on a holiday weekend to wait for her, and it was worth the wait. The vet techs fell madly in love with Ariel. She’s a pint-sized princess with a major wiggle-butt who squeaks! I mean does it get any better? Ariel is now on antibiotics and will undergo the dental care she desperately needs this week. She squeaks thank you to all those who helped save her. It’s because so many people purchased our WagAware charm this was Paw-sible, and Rufus, Ariel, the Bill Foundation and I cannot thank you enough.
Stay tuned to hear more about Rufus and for other surprises brought to you by Ariel and Rufus! Please visit and support organizations like The Bill Foundation (www.billfoundation.org) and consider adopting a shelter dog today. WagOn!

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