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WagAware’s Second Donation: K9S FOR WARRIORS

We are delighted to announce WagAware’s second charitable donation of $750 to the K9S FOR WARRIORS Program (www.k9sforwarriors.org). Thank you to all those who have purchased WagAware charms and, most especially, to our fuzzy WagAware Ambassadors! It is because of you we are able to make such a meaningful donation to a life-saving program! We are so proud!

K9S FOR WARRIORS provides rescued service dogs to veterans suffering from PTSD and Traumatic Brain Injury as a result of conflicts and wars following 9/11. K9S FOR WARRIORS pulls dogs from shelters prior to being euthanized and trains them to meet Canine Good Citizen standards. Upon completion, they are paired with a veteran with PTSD based upon the special needs of the veteran and the special tasks the dog is most capable of performing. Alarmingly, every hour a veteran affected with PTSD commits suicide, and PTSD affects nearly 30% of all soldiers, with 184 new cases diagnosed daily. Studies unequivocally prove dog are incredibly therapeutic and greatly beneficial in the treatment of PTSD as well as other military-related stresses. WagAware is honored to be part of such an life-saving and inspiring program that helps rescue valiant, wonderful dogs and veterans who have selflessly defended our nation. To learn more about personal stories of K9S FOR WARRIORS veterans and their rescued service dogs, visit: http://www.crowdrise.com/barkbreakfasttour2013.

Please support our work at WagAware by purchasing charms (www.wagaware.com), and tell your friends, so we can continue to help rescue dogs and make the world a better place for all! The more we sell, the more we save! WagOn! And Proudly!

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