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Be Part of the Solution: Join the WagAware Ruff-olution

This is A-MAZZ-ing Mazzy’s before and after.

This picture tells an amazing story but with Mazzy, there is just so much more to it! She was a rescue and changed her owner’s life in such a powerful way. She weighs 5 lbs and was rescued 3 Christmases ago from the North Central shelter in Los Angeles. She was found as a stray covered in fecal matter as she likely lived in a cage with her own feces most of her life. One of her eyes looked like a white marble and she no longer had use of it, and she was clearly suffering from severe neglect. At the shelter, she had to be shaved down because her hair was so matted it was all in knots, and painfully puling at her skin, and her eye had to be removed. Then her luck began to turn around. Mazzy was fostered by Galit Reuben, the current Executive Director of a wonderful rescue, Dogs Without Borders (www.dogswithoutborders.org). At the time, she was very scared and timid, but don’t feel sorry for Mazzy…

Mazzy inspired Galit to create Dogs Without Borders, which has since rescued thousands of dogs. She is Galit’s baby and now a bold, spoiled (in the best kind of way) princess who loves to hike the trails of the Santa Monica Mountains blazing her own new trails. Mazzy has also recently been certified as a service dog and can travel anywhere and never gets left behind. Her sad past is long forgotten to her but stands as a reminder of just how wonderful shelter dogs are.

There are millions of homeless dogs waiting to become loving, family members at local shelters and rescue groups. They often just need a bath, haircut and a second chance to blossom as Mazzy did.

This is why we do what we do at WagAware. Our mission in creating the only dog charm worn to promote rescue/adoption is to raise substantial awareness and funds to help end dog homelessness.There are millions of dogs as pets and if we each do a little bit, we can help end dog homelessness. Dog homelessness is not an incurable disease; there is a great solution: comprehensive rescue (including spay/neuter and adoption), so we as a society of animal lovers, can fix this! With the WagAware charm, we can each do our part to heighten awareness and have fun with our dogs in the process.

If your furry friend could speak, wouldn’t he/she want to help his/her furry friends in need? At WagAware, we believe so, and we don’t just love our own dogs, we love ALL dogs; and we believe you do too! Buy a charm, be part of the solution and Join the WagAware Ruff-olution, so dogs like Mazzy can blaze new A-MAZZ-ing trails. Buy your WagAware Charm today at http://www.wagaware.com.

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