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WagAware’s Founder & President: Why I Care to Be WagAware

I am “crazy about dogs;” and, that’s, of course, a good thing. I’ve been a dog enthusiast my whole life; rescued more dogs than I could keep track; grown up with six canine brothers and sisters; and, now have three of my own. They are my children, and I will do anything (just shy of overtly illegal) to help a dog in need.

IMG_2239In 2001, I graduated from Harvard Law School and joined the ranks of a big NYC law firm. After four years in Law, I decided to pursue my true passion. I worked as Director of Philanthropy (NY) at the largest animal welfare group, the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), for the next four years. However, the fate of millions of healthy, but unwanteddogs euthanized every year simply because there is not enough awareness of the benefit to all when a dog is adopted, continued to nag at my conscience.

I needed to do something more about it…and that’s how WagAware came about…

I thought about the LiveStrong Bracelet, the AIDS and Breast Cancer Ribbons, and the glaring fact that no universal “awareness” symbol existed for dog welfare. So, we at WagAware, created the first-ever “dog welfare awareness symbol” to encourage dog adoption; BUT, in our case, instead of just the human wearing the awareness emblem, OUR DOGS proudly wear the WagAware Ambassador Charm to lend a helping paw to their furry friends in need. Plus, WagAware donates an unprecedented 50% of profits to charities dedicated to saving dogs’ lives. We are dedicated to donating $1 to dog welfare, for every $1 we keep. Now there is a universal symbol to show the world you and your dog care about dogs in jeopardy; and those who cannot speak for themselves have a voice and fighting chance to live the lives they deserve! 

It is my dream to do much more to help dogs in desperate need and WagAware gives everyone the chance to pitch in. We are all busy, multi-tasking and on-the-go, but if each of us does just a little bit, we can do so much together.

There are over 78 million dogs as pets in the United States. Imagine if every one wore a WagAware Ambassador Charm. Our collective BARK would be so loud and we could raise so much awareness and funds to address the most systemic problem facing today’s beloved canines.

 It couldn’t be easier! Buy a Charm. Save a Dog. Support Adoption. Join the Ruff-olution!

2 Responses to “WagAware’s Founder & President: Why I Care to Be WagAware”

  1. Mark Gonzalez

    Wait a great cause!!
    I plan to buy 4..
    Continue the terrific work!

    • Samantha Haas

      That’s PAWSOME Mark! Also for every 3 you purchase we automatically will include one original orange charm for free when we fulfill your order!!!!


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