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WagAware on Inside Edition

bethanyI am thrilled to announce our first TV press for WagAware aired on Inside Edition in our first week of official launch! The awe-inspiring rescue story of Bethany has captivated the media. Bethany was on the brink of death when she was rescued from the street by The Bill Foundation and Hope for Paws. Despite her obvious pain and struggle, brave Bethany has always been so gentle and sweet-natured and she has had an unbelievable transformation. She has also become quite famous within the dog rescue community, as a testament to the love and dedication that fuels it.

Bethany has recovered beautifully and is now awaiting her happily ever after. Check out her incredible start here: http://www.dogheirs.com/billfoundation/posts/3398-saving-bethany-a-sick-homeless-dog-s-inspiring-transformation and her amazing recovery featured in the Inside Edition video below.

WagAware is SO proud to donate to charities like The Bill Foundation who give so many dogs, like Bethany, the love, support and chance to live the lives they deserve. We are equally as grateful for their support in return. As you can see in the video, Bethany and her new best friend Olivia (the adorable, spunky, little white dog) are now official WagAware Ambassadors for other dogs in need. They are currently with foster parents awaiting their Fur-ever homes. These playful girls are now best friends and we would love to see them adopted together.
For more info on adopting Bethany and Olivia, visit billfoundation.org. Don’t forget to “Paw it Forward” and purchase your WagAware charm/s (wagaware.com) in support of rescue organizations like The Bill Foundation and rescue dogs everywhere.

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