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Munchie’s Story: How to Best Plan for Your Pet’s Future

WagAware Celebrates the Brave, Life-Saving Work of K9 Kokua. Today is the LAST DAY to purchase a WagAware charm and a portion of the sale will go to help K9 Kokua. Please show your support for this wonderful organization and Join the WagAware Ruff-olution (www.wagaware.com). We are so proud to have partnered with K9 Kokua and thank them for inspiring us with their incredible, selfless work helping some of the world’s most overlooked dogs in need! THANK YOU K9 Kokua.

Our last featured K9 Kokua pup is Munchie! Munchie’s owner was in the hospital for a while and neighbors would come in to check on Munchie and feed him. When Munchie’s owner passed away, he was left alone, unintentionally. As everyone around mourned Munchie’s human mama’s passing away, he was forgotten for a few days. The Property Management went into the apartment and found Munchie, scared and confused. They called several animal rescue organizations, but only K9 Kokua responded. In addition to covering medical treatment, K9 Kokua provided him a dog tag, shampoo, food, preventatives, treats and a brand new dog bed. Munchie has since been adopted and has a wonderful new life.

munchieMunchie’s story is an important reminder that responsible pet owners must plan for the unexpected and provide for our pet’s future in the unfortunate case that they are without us.To avoid what happened to Munchie, find at least two responsible friends or relatives who agree to serve as temporary emergency caregivers in the event that something unexpected happens to you. Provide them with keys to your home; feeding and care instructions; the name of your veterinarian; and information about the permanent care provisions you have made for your pet. Make sure your neighbors, friends, and relatives know how many pets you have and the names and contact numbers of the individuals who have agreed to serve as emergency caregivers. Emergency caregivers should also know how to contact each other. Carry a wallet “alert card” that lists the names and phone numbers of your emergency pet caregivers. Post removable “In Case of Emergency” notices on your doors or windows specifying how many and what types of pets you have (and their names). These notices will alert emergency response personnel during a fire or other home emergency. Affix to the inside of your front and back doors a removable notice listing emergency contact names and phone numbers, as well as your appointed pet guardians.

For more helpful hints visit: http://www.humanesociety.org/assets/pdfs/pets/pets_in_wills_factsheet.pdf

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