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WagAware’s Fourth Donation to K9 Kokua!!!!

WagAware and Kiki Lulu are thrilled to announce WagAware’s 4th donation of $850 to K9 Kokua (www.k9kokua.org). Thank you to all those who have purchased WagAware Charms and, most especially, to our fuzzy WagAware Ambassadors! It is because of you we are able to make such a meaningful donation to a life-saving program for dogs!

WagAware is honored to support the work of K9 Kokua, an all-volunteer organization, focusing on dogs owned by the houseless, financially destitute, and dogs who are abandoned, abused or victimes of cruelty in Hawaii. They are the sole group providing care and emergency services, 24 hours/day, 365 days/year, to this most vulnerable animal population in Hawaii. All week we have highlighted K9 K9KdonationKokua’s care of Hawaii’s homeless dogs and we are so excited to be able to support to their noble, selfless efforts. A massive thank you to all our WagAware Ambassadors. Because of you, we are able to help organizations like K9 Kokua that save dogs every single day and are on the front lines giving dogs in desperate need the love and care they so deserve! To learn more about, and be inspired by, K9 Kokua’s life-saving work for dogs, visit: http://www.k9kokua.org.
WagAware (www.wagaware.com) created the first and only dog charm promoting dog adoption and 50% of our company profits are donated to organizations supporting dogs in need. When you and/or your dog wear the WagAware Charm you are encouraging others to adopt their next pet (and support rescue) and showing the world you care enough to do something about pet homelessness. Think LiveStrong bracelet for dogs but in our case the dog participates too! So we give our dogs (and those not so fortunate) a voice, and chance to live the lives they so deserve. Join the WagAware Ruff-olution today and be part of the solution!
Please support WagAware and rescue dogs everywhere by purchasing your WagAware Charms today (www.wagaware.com) and tell your friends, so we can continue to help rescue dogs and make the world a better place for all! Remember, the more we sell, the more we save! WagOn! And Proudly!

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