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The Xavier Puppies’ Rescue Recap

Last week, as many of you already know, WagAware was involved in an action packed, “reads-like-a-movie-less-like-a-dog-rescue,” dramatic tail when I stumbled across a homeless man selling four small puppies trapped in a Tupperwear bin. The rescue went viral after CBS LA interviewed me and Annie Hart of the Bill Foundation. The four adorable puppies rescued, the Xavier Pups (aptly named after the X Men Superheros because they are amazing little survivors, Elliot, Raven, Luke & Logan) have become quite the celeb-PAW-ties. All four are safe and doing better, though little Luke, the runt, likely needs surgery as he has a liver shunt and isn’t growing normally. Thankfully he is in the best care and loving hands of the Bill Foundation.  To read more about the harrowing evening, check out some of the press: http://wagaware.com/press and our CBS live interview: http://wagaware.com/press-1/cbs-2-news-features-wagaware-founder-samantha-haas.

luke-xavierI am grateful that these four little lives were saved because of teamwork. I am sad to report, that night, many people did not want to get involved. Those outside the yogurt store were too busy eating their yogurt, the police were too callous to care, and anyone I approached for help looked at me like I was a little petty trying to save four puppies. How the world can turn away from 4 helpless little beings, I will never understand, but they do.

One day, these puppies will make amazing family members to the lucky individuals who adopt them and will no doubt change the course of so many people’s lives for the better. They will add so much to their family, who will be so grateful for all that we went through to save them.Eli

I cannot stop thinking about those that just ignored the situation, while I know so many would never go to the lengths that Annie and I went that evening, and perhaps that’s for the best, I cannot imagine what is so important about your yogurt or your time that you cannot help four little, helpless beings in danger. I hope this story has inspired others to not turn a blind eye the next time.

So much about what we have done at WagAware is built on this irony, that people who can do something, often do nothing. Often people who care the most, animal lovers and pet owners, do nothing about pet homelessness because it is painful and sad to see animals in shelters facing euthanasia or hear about the problem; but if those that care the most turn away, no one does anything, and these defenseless victims suffer.

The WagAware Charm is the only charm that saves dogs’ lives by promoting dog rescue/adoption and raising funds to address pet homelessness in a meaningful and fun way. The WagAware Charm encourages people not to turn away but to do something, even just a little bit, because together, and with teamwork, if we all contribute a bit, we can do something amazing together. 

This same teamwork lead to the Xavier puppies’ rescue. This rescue could not have occurred without Annie and this rescue could not have occurred without me. It took teamwork and coming together. It takes a village to help those in need but the reward is so much sweeter than the risk. In addition to saving four lives and ending the suffering of these puppies, Annie and I have been able to shed so much light on the need for rescue and adoption through the short little lives of these adorable puppies, because we took that extra step that night.

A story like this is heart-breaking on many levels, because more people do not step up to help than do, and so many animals are victims of abuse and taken advantage of, but it is my great hope that people will continue to be inspired by these puppies and will do something the next time they see someone or something in life-threatening danger because if they do nothing, chances are nothing will be done, and the cycle of ignorance, abuse and neglect will continue.

Ghandi so famously asserted “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way in which its animals are treated. I hold that the more helpless a creature, the more entitled it is to protection by man from the cruelty of man.”

These helpless puppies were entitled to protection by man from the cruelty of man. Period.

We as individuals and society are better than this and we all need to step up for those who cannot take care of themselves. We have the power, we have the time, we have the compassion, we just need to also have the courage.

Nearly 30 news publications picked up this story (Huffington Post, Yahoo!News, PawNation, Dogster, VetStreet, CBS, to name a few) and with exposure from each of these outlets, thousands of dog-lovers were made aware of society’s intolerance of the mistreatment of animals.


I want to truly thank everyone who has been supported WagAware, without whom this rescue could never have been. Sales sky

The Xavier Puppy Rescue was proof positive that WagAware is doing what it set out to do; to raise funds that ultimately lead to curbing dog homelessness. This story is not over, much is left to be told, and we can just sit back and wait for all the joy, happiness and adventure these puppies will shed upon us.rocketed last week, which means more funds will be donated to save even more dogs’ lives, and more WagAware Charms are out there raising awareness every time they are seen. We need to continue the conversation and encourage others to get involved. We love receiving pictures of our WagAware Ambassadors, so please continue to send in your precious pooch wearing their WagAware Charm so they can be posted in our photo galleries and inspire others to follow suit!

WagAware’s mission is to be able to help give dogs in need the lives they deserve and little by little, charm by charm, that is being accomplished. WagAware funds were able to be used to safely rescue and care for these puppies and we could not be more honored to have done so. Saving four dogs will not change the world for all dogs, but it will change the world for those four dogs and, step by step, the world will be a better place for all beings.

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