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Helmut Lang x WagAware x Pure Dog Food Hosted Event for Wags & Walks Dog Rescue

This past Wednesday evening, August 21, Helmut Lang, WagAware and Pure Dog Food (puredogfood.com) joined forces for a private shopping event to raise funds for Wags and Walks Dog Rescue (LA). This was our first event since launch and I’m so proud to report the evening was a smashing success.

Of the six adoptable dogs there, three were adopted that evening and the other three found foster homes (and had several interested potential adopters). Now, more dogs can be pulled from local shelters by Wags and Walks, and they, too, will have a second chance to live the lives they so deserve. The evening was proof positive that WagAware is doing what we set out to do: raise awareness and funds to help end dog homelessness..

At WagAware, our goal is to spread the word about the tremendous benefits to ALL when a dog is rescued: a dog’s life is saved, a loving family is provided for a wonderful deserving dog, and a dog is able to do what comes naturally to him/her–to love. Dogs enhance our lives in so many ways and adopted shelter dogs make wonderful family pets, and all too often are hidden in the shadows at local shelters. Last Wednesday’s event allowed us to shine a spotlight on the wonderful dogs available for adoption. The evening was packed with celebrity and influential animal lovers, including, Jennifer Missoni (Gossip Girl), Alicia Witt (Friday Night Lights), Zuleikha Robinson (Homeland), Cara Santana and Jesse Metcalfe (Dallas), Aimee Garcia (Dexter) and Sam Gores of Paradigm Talent Agency. We are truly grateful that these generous public personalities used their influence to show major support and draw important attention the many deserving dogs in need of a second chance available for rescue/adoption.

Guests with Jennifer Missoni (& newly adopted pup) and Zaleikha Robinson

Nearly 100 people showed up to the event and the evening was full of festivities. It was a great way to have fun but also do so much good for dogs in need of our help. We are so excited to share that the evening generated nearly $10,000 in sales for Helmut Lang, of which $1,000 (10%) was generously donated to Wags and Walks Dog Rescue. At WagAware, we were so inspired by the night’s success, we decided to match $1 for every $1 donated by Helmut Lang, for a total of $2,000 donated to Wags and Walks Dog Rescue! Now even more homeless dogs’ live will be changed for the better.

Launched in July 2013, WagAware sells the only charm to promote dog rescue and adoption. The charm can be worn on a pet’s collar or a keychain and an unprecedented 50% of company profits are donated to dog rescue charities. WagAware’s goal is to be a sustainable pet products company whose charitable mission is to raise substantial awareness and funds to help dogs in need and, ultimately, to help reduce the mass euthanasia of healthy, adoptable dogs in the US every year. Purchase your charms today at www.wagaware.com/products/collar and show your rescue pride! WagOn! And Proudly!

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