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What is WagAware?

Every so often, I like to remind people about our story and our mission. It is sometimes hard to describe WagAware. We are a charitable company, not a non-profit. We donate 50% of our company profits to charity (yes, 50 DOG-gone percent); that’s more than any other company in the pet market. Our goal is to be a sustainable business but to also raise substantial awareness and funds by donating $1 for every $1 we keep as profit, to help more homeless dogs live the lives they deserve. At WagAware we don’t just care about our dogs, we care about all dogs, and we believe so many of you do too.

Our first product is the WagAware Charm (modeled by Arnold below!). The WagAware Charm is the first and only universal symbol dedicated to promoting dog adoption and rescue attached to symbol worn by our dogs (and their humans). Our beloved dogs are the Paw-fect ambassadors for their furry friends in need! Get yours at http://www.wagaware.com.

The WagAware Charm is the only dog charm that saves dogs’ lives: When your dog wears the WagAware Charm, you and your dog are spreading the word about the need to rescue, and encouraging all to adopt their next pet. It is a constant reminder that adoption should be the first and only option when welcoming a new furry member to the family.

The WagAware Charm gives your dog (and those not so fortunate) a voice, and you the peace of mind that you are supporting a deliberate, large-scale effort to help end dog homelessness for good! Plus, WagAware donates an unprecedented 50% of profits to charities devoted to saving dogs’ lives. We regularly donate thousands of dollars to rescue groups around the country. Visit our donations page: www.wagaware.com/beyond-pawfits. Ultimately, our goal is to generate substantial awareness and funds to help reduce the number of homeless dogs euthanized every year.

There are over 70 million dogs as pets in the US. Imagine if every one of them wore a WagAware Charm. Imagine if just 10% wore our charm; that’s 7 million. Our collective BARK would be so loud and we could raise so much awareness and funds to address the most systemic problem facing today’s beloved canines. Have fun being part of the solution and Join the WagAware Ruff-olution!

WagAware gives everyone the opportunity to pitch in and unite with millions of like-minded individuals to make a seismic difference for homeless dogs in the first-ever, national awareness campaign for dog rescue attached to a symbol worn by dogs (and their humans). We are all busy, multi-tasking and on-the-go, but if we all do a little bit, together, we can do something great. It couldn’t be easier! Buy a Charm. Save a Dog. Support Adoption. Join the Ruff-olution!

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