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The WagAware Rescue Bling Ring: Tails of Rescue Featuring Cara Santana


Meet WagAware Ambassador Dexter and his human mommy, actress and fashion blogger, Cara Santana.

Six years ago, on a sunny Los Angeles afternoon, Cara found herself stranded with a flat tire on the side of Highway 10.

While she waited for help, her two pit bulls, Bella and Zoey, ran down the grass embankment for a bathroom break. They came racing back with what appeared to be a small rodent in their mouths and dropped it at Cara’s feet. To her amazement, the little fury animal was a six week old, mud-covered, stray puppy!

Bella and Zoey lovingly licked the pup and looked at Cara with pleading eyes. After a visit to the vet, Cara learned the pup was a Jack Russell Terrier & Chihuahua mix who just needed some shots and a bath.

“Dexter was rescued by two pits that had been rescued themselves! Talk about coming full circle. Dexter is the love of my life!” says Cara. To learn more about our inaugural Rescue Bling Ring Member, Cara Santana, please check her site out here and follow her @CaraASantana on Twitter and Instagram.

Join Cara and Dexter in support of rescue dogs everywhere by purchasing your WagAware Charm today at WagAware Shop!

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