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Donations Pour in for Rufus!


WagAware’s 11th Donation! What a week! We are thrilled to announce our 11th donation of $400 to The Bill Foundation to help with the care of our dear Rufus. Here is a little background if you aren’t familiar with his story…

We teamed up with The Bill Foundation and sponsored the rescue of Rufus and another dog (Ariel) on her last day. Ariel has since been adopted to a wonderful, loving home. When Rufus was rescued, he was in good health, except for some skin issues that required a week of treatment at the vet and a day at the groomer. He’s been living in foster ever since. He has been a complete delight and just loves everyone he meets. To read about his rescue on a busy 4th of July weekend click here.

However, a few weeks ago, his foster mom noticed he was suddenly acting different and didn’t like being picked up. This was so unlike the lovable pooch Rufus usually is, so The Bill Foundation had him brought in to see the vet. They did a bunch of x-rays and it turns out the poor pup has some incisors that are under the gums that are causing him severe pain. He also has a tooth infection, so Rufus is headed for dental surgery with a specialist to remove several teeth and make more room in his tiny mouth. They also discovered Rufus has recently developed a narrowing of his vertebral disc, which is also causing him major discomfort (and why it hurts for him to be picked up). They’re treating it with medication and acupuncture to start and hopefully he won’t require major surgery to fix this.

WagAware is committed to helping Rufus live the best life possible, so we offered to donate a portion of the proceeds from the charms we sold last weekend to help cover Rufus’ medical costs.

Our commitment to helping Rufus live the best life was a success! Thanks to our PAW-some supporters we were able to quickly raise $400 for Rufus! Get well soon little guy! And a big THANK YOU to all those who purchased WagAware Charms to help with Rufus’ care. We will continue to update you on his progress and know he is in wonderful hands!

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