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WagAware Makes Its ELEVENTH Donation!


We are thrilled to announce our Eleventh Donation of $1,300 to Northeast Boston Terrier Rescue through the sale of WagAware Charms!

Northeast Boston Rescue (NEBTR) is comprised of volunteers based in NY/NJ and PA and focuses on rescuing Boston Terriers in need within reach of their helping hands. NEBTR’s single priority in rescue is to serve the needs of the individual dogs in their care.

Because of the enthusiasm of our followers, we are blessed to be able to help this wonderful rescue continue to save the lives of even more dogs in need! This brings WagAware’s total donations to date to dog rescue charities (since July) to $15,500!

We are beyond grateful to our devoted #WagAware Ambassadors (furry & non-furry) who continue to spread the word that rescue is the best breed by wearing #WagAware Charms! WagOn Proudly!!

We received this incredibly meaningful “Thank You” video yesterday from Stacie Kyle, an uber-volunteer of NEBTR, who has been instrumental in not only helping NEBTR and the dogs in their care, but making sure our e-fundraiser was a success. We cannot thank Stacie enough. We were so touched by this video and it speaks volumes about who we are and what WagAware is all about, we want to share it with you! Check it out!

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