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BoingyDog Blog on WagAware & Giveaway


We are THRILLED with BoingyDog.com‘s Blog featuring WagAware! We could not have said it better ourselves so we just cut and pasted their whole blog below:

Symbolizing the Hope of Dog Rescue and Adoption @WagAware #Giveaway

Every revolution needs a symbol. We’re moving into an age of awareness where we’re collectively becoming more educated as a society on a host of issues, from how we eat to the histories behind the manufacturing of the products we use. We’re also becoming more and more aware of the need to protect animals, especially our homeless domestic animals. Cities and counties are making it harder for puppy mills to thrive, thus making pet adoption more visible to potential pet owners. While some symbols stand out in my mind, like the logos for the Humane Society of the U.S. or the SPCA, I haven’t seen a prominent symbol that represents dog rescue. But there is a company that I believe has created a symbol that could be the hopeful image of dog rescue and adoption.

WagAware dog rescue and adoption charm, BoingyDog.comI discovered WagAware on Twitter and after a quick back-and-forth with the company’s founder and president, I decided to take a closer look at their mission and aim. I was blown away. WagAware created a charm for dogs to wear to further increase awareness about dog rescue. The charm and symbol represent the hope that more dogs will find homes and will not simply increase euthanasia statistics. Fifty percent of the company’s profits go to dog charities and charms bought in packages can provide specific necessities, like microchips, wellness exams, or even pulling a dog from a shelter.

WagAware sent Kayo a charm to check out and we love it. The charm is adorable and it glows in the dark, which we love since it’s already getting dark while we’re still out most nights. On top of that, it’s not every day you see dogs rocking bling so it has become quite the conversation starter. People either noticed the charm and asked about it, noticed her new collar and then saw the charm, or commented on her look and noticed the charm as we stopped to talk. Each time opened the door to talk about dog rescue. Most people who commented on the charm were dog owners and in many cases rescued their own dogs. But in one case, a woman with an older purebred dog commented by the end of the conversation that she’d consider rescuing a dog when she was ready for another. She’d never been into a shelter or dog rescue so she wasn’t aware of the challenges that shelter dogs face.

In a couple of conversations I had the chance to let people know that there are purebred dogs available in shelters and that there are many breed-specific rescue organizations that have the kinds of dogs that they’re looking for. I was sometimes amazed that people had no idea rescue organizations existed, sometimes in the same city, for the breed of dogs they love. I’ve not had more conversations in a two-week period than in the couple of weeks we’ve had our WagAware charm. It’s an immediate conversation opener that allows me to jump right into the good stuff.

Why do I need a charm when I can just donate directly to rescue organizations or charities?

Here are five reasons:

  1. Every revolution needs a symbol, and sharing that symbol brings awareness to the movement
  2. Dogs look great in bling
  3. The charm is an excellent conversation starter that will give you great opportunities to talk openly about dog rescue and adoption
  4. To be part of what WagAware calls “The Ruff-olution”
  5. It’s super cute, could help stop clanking noises of your dog’s tags (it definitely won’t add to the clanking) and it glows in the dark

WagAware is generously allowing us to do a giveaway of two of their charms! Visit the Rafflecopter below, check out WagAware and join the ruff-olution!

This is a sponsored post that was written in exchange for an awesome dog rescue charm for Kayo. BoingyDog is responsible for this post and only shares information that is relevant to our readers.”

Thanks BoingyDog! Make sure to enter their Giveaway Contest on BoingyDog.com and follow them on Facebook!

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