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WagAware’s 16th Donation Brings Total To $24,000!


WagAware is excited to announce our 16th donation to date of $1,500 to L.A. Love & Leashes! As you know last Sauturday was the much anticipated event with Instagram celeb-PAW-ty and WagAware Ambassador Tuna (aka TunaMeltsMyHeart)! To have a superstar like Tuna on the WagAware team not only generated quite an impessive crowd but also called upon other celebrities (and Tuna fans) like Rob Dyrdek to lend his sup-PAW-ort to our mission to help end dog homelessness!

Our first-ever “Meet and Greet” with this popluar pooch, was a HUGE success! Thanks to everyone who came out to lend their sup-PAW-ort and a very special thank you to our friend and uber celeb-PAW-ty pup Tuna for partnering with us and L.A. Love & Leashes to make this event PAW-sible! It was truly an honor to meet so many members of the Ruff-olution and swap rescue stories and smiles with you all. This benefit for L.A. Love & Leashes, the first-ever rescue-only “pet shop” located at the Westside Pavailon Mall is a “shelter shop” model gives dogs from local city shelter exposure on a daily basis to the hundreds of thousands of people who head to the Mall, giving them the best chance to find their FURR-ever homes. We love this innovative idea and along with Tuna are thrilled we got towork together to benefit LA’s homeless dog population.

WagAware has sold thousands of WagAware Charms worldwide and now with the addition of meet and greet events we get to see you and your charms in person! So far in less than a year we have donated $24,000 to rescue organizations solely from the sale of our WagAware Charms. Check out our donations page here: Donations to Date. Together, we are giving a voice to the voiceless animals in shelters around the world, encouraging animal adoption, one charm at a time, and helping to make the world a better place for ALL beings. We could never have done this without the tremendous support of our dedicated followers and four-legged activists and we thank you on behalf of homeless dogs everywhere for Joining the WagAware Ruff-olution! Keep on Waggin’ on & Proudly! And see you at our next WagAware sponsored event!

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