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WagAware Makes its 18th Donation to Ottawa Dog Rescue


WagAware is thrilled to announce our 18th donation of $750 to Ottawa Dog Rescue (ORD), which brings us to a grand total of $29,025 donated to rescue groups since our launch nine months ago! We are particularly grateful to Andrea Valois and Wendy Blof for their help and recommending we work together to benefit ORD and the incredible life-saving work they do everyday for Canada’s dogs in desperate need!

Because of ODR, many more dogs (and their humans) are WAG-vocating for dogs in need everyday simply by wearing WagAware Charms, and doing their part to save homeless dogs’ lives. With an estimated 70 million homeless pets in the US alone, we are thrilled to contribute to this collaborative effort to help address the pet overpopulation problem worldwide. Compassion has no boundaries and WagAware is honored to stand behind this PAW-some rescue.

We are beyond grateful for the impact we have already been able to make for homeless dogs across the globe. In just nine months since our launch, WagAware has sold thousands of WagAware Charms worldwide and donated nearly $30,000 to rescue organizations solely from the sale of our charms. To learn more, check out our donations page here: Donations to Date. Together, we are giving a voice to the voiceless animals in shelters around the world, encouraging animal adoption, and helping to make the world a better place for ALL beings. We could never have done this without the tremendous support of our dedicated followers and four-legged activists and we thank you on behalf of homeless dogs everywhere for Joining the WagAware Ruff-olution! Thank you from the bottom of our collective hearts at WagAware! Because of YOU more people are aware of the benefits of rescue and more dogs will have the chance to live the lives they so deserve. Our collective bark is getting louder, and, together, we are changing the world for dogs in need, one charm at a time! Keep on Waggin’ on & Proudly!

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