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WagAware Makes 20th Donation to Kiki LuLu’s Rescue–Dogs Without Borders!


Hope you are having a totally PAW-some Tuesday morning #WagAware Ambassadors! Let’s start the day off right with our 2Oth DONATION to Dogs Without Borders! We are proud to announce a donation of $500 to this wonderful organization for a total of $32,525 donated to date, solely from the sale of our charms! Thank you so much to all our loyal Ambassadors, two and four legged, it’s because of YOU that this donation is PAW-sible!

DWB holds a special place in WagAware’s history, this amazing rescue saved Kiki Lulu, the official WagAware Spokes-dog (pictured above) and total inspiration behind WagAware!

Founded in 2006, Dogs Without Borders is a non profit rescue organization based here in Los Angeles. DWB rescues stray and abandoned dogs from local shelters and as far away as Taiwan and Mexico. DWB stands behind their dogs offering their clients advice and support for the duration of their dogs’ lives to ensure happy and successful adoptions. This rescue saves homeless & abandoned dogs from high-kill shelters in the Los Angeles area, and find them permanent and loving homes. Relying entirely on volunteers to help foster dogs, assist at adoption events, provide transport and conduct home visits, this organization proudly has placed over 2,500 dogs since its inception, and will continue to rescue thousands more with the support of generous donors like our WagAware Ambassadors!

Congratulations to this PAW-some rescue! WagOn!

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