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Closing in on $35,000 with Our Latest Donation!

35,000WagAware is thrilled to announce our 22nd donation of $3,345 to PAWS New England (PAWS NE), our second largest donation to date, which brings our total donated to rescue within mere dollars of $35,000! All this in less than a year in the rescue biz! PAWS NE is the epitome of a rescue devoted to its cause. They rescue abandoned, neglected and abused dogs from high-kill shelters, and provide them with veterinary care and much needed TLC. When they’re ready, PAWS NE makes sure to adopt them into safe and loving homes. PAWS NE also transports dogs from high-kill shelters in Tennessee to the New England area where they have a much better chance of finding their forever homes.

When we launched 11 months ago, we set out to better the lives of as many homeless dogs as PAW-sible, and with nearly $35,000 donated to dog rescue to date, together we have saved so many deserving lives! Plus, 1000s of WagAware Ambassadors continue to raise awareness for the voiceless by sporting their WagAware Charms. We continually hear from our human Ambassadors just how much of a conversation starter the WagAware Charms are and we are so proud that so many are encouraging others to rescue dogs in need. Together, we are the voice for the voiceless. The Ruff-olution is in full swing. Thank you on behalf of homeless dogs everywhere to our PAW-some WagAware Ambassadors for your incredible support! We ARE making the world a better place for dogs everywhere, one charm at a time.


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