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Small Rescue Hangs with the Big Dogs


Don’t underestimate this dog’s bark, it’s just as big as its bite!

WagAware’s promo with our latest WagA-warriors, a humble small-town rescue with incredibly dedicated volunteers, got the WagA-word out and the sup-PAW-ort WAY up–making it notably one of our largest donations for one of our smallest rescues to date! Congratulations on such a successful PAW-rtnership!

WagAware is SO EXCITED to announce our 23rd donation of $2,500 to With a Golden Spirit (WAGS)! This brings our total contributions to rescues within a tail’s wag of $40,000–and just in time to celebrate our first WagA-year! WAGS was a particularly passionate and inspiring group to work with. They surpassed their charitable donation expectations not only once but twice, making this a HUGE success story!

WAGS’ mission is to provide immediate medical care, spay/neuter, vaccinations, rehabilitation, socialization, and to place orphaned Golden Retrievers in “forever” homes.

Two enthusiastic PAWS up to WAGS for this PAW-some partnership! You did it (and then some)! We are so proud to stand beside WAGS and support their life-saving, incredible work!

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