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WagAware Makes it’s 26th Donation of $2,212.50!


WagAware Makes it’s 26th Donation of $2,212.50 to California Miniature Schnauzer Rescue (CMSR) to help with the emergency rescue of over 50 Mini Schnauzers from an horrific  puppy mill in partnership with ResQ Animal Coalition/Pawz For a Cause. This brings our total donated to date to $43,882.50! CMSR pleaded with WagAware to help and our Ambassadors stepped up, made this emergency donation happen!

WagAware is so beyond thankful to CMSR and ResQ Animal Coalition for rescuing and caring for these dogs who have endured many, many years of unspeakable cruelty. Many of the rescued dogs have a long road to recovery and they have gone through something no dog should ever face. THEY STAND AS A TESTAMENT TO THE UNCONSCIONABLE SUFFERING DOGS ENDURE AT PUPPY MILLS. THIS SHOULD MAKE EVERYONE pause when considering buying a dog, period (from a petstore, over the Internet or from a breeder), AND OPT ONLY TO ADOPT. IT IS NOT WORTH THE SUFFERING THE BREEDING DOGS ENDURE TO PURCHASE YOUR PETS, PERIOD. Please make adoption the only option.

Our hearts bleed for these dogs and those still stuck in puppy mill Hell. Please help us make the world a better place for all dogs and pledge only to adopt! We are so proud to donate $2,212.50 to help with the care of these beautiful dogs and ensure they only know a loving pet from now on. The abuse is behind them but we must honor them by making sure we do all we can to end this unnecessary suffering. This is why we started WagAware. The WagAware Charm is your pledge to always opt to support rescue dogs and make adoption your only option. It is also a great conversation piece and way to spread awareness about this issue! Join the Ruff-olution at www.WagAware.com so we can continue to help rescue more dogs!

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