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WagAware Donates $5,200 to Help Save Special Needs Pups!

WagAware is BEYOND THRILLED to announce our 28th Donation of $5,200 to LoveyLoaves Special Needs Rescue for a total of $49,332.50 donated to rescue groups to date in just over 1 year! For September, we teamed up with Internet Star Daisy Underbite for “Special Needs September” to raise awareness and funds for specially-abled pets. As an extra bonus we decided to donate even more than we normally do ($10 for EVERY charms sold ALL month), so we could make an even bigger impact for these special dogs that need a little extra boost, and we sure did! Special needs pets face unique challenges, but they enhance our lives in the most incredible ways, and Daisy Underbite is a testament to just how wonderful they are. We hope more people will open their homes and hearts to these amazing fur babies! We are so thrilled to support the incredible work of LoveyLoaves Special Needs Rescue, as they are solely dedicated to special needs pups. We cannot thank Daisy Underbite enough for inspiring us to do something great and hosting #DaisyWheelsSNS and all those who helped us make this incredible donation! We are also especially grateful to ToothFairy Pixie, TurboRoo The Two-Legged Chihuahua, @iheartmiles, @jasperthepripawd, @thehollymarshmallow, Mr Ollie Pants and BarkBox for helping us promote rescue awareness!10616064_461010837375099_4930839388419243598_n

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