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WagAware Cares About I.C.A.R.E. Dog Rescue

WagAware is thrilled to announce our 39th and 40th donations!

A very special congratulations to @threeyorkiesmom for winning 1st place in Florida Yorkie Rescue‘s “Show Us Your Canine Valentine” Photo Contest! WagAware agreed to donate $250 to the 1st place winner’s choice of rescue and @threeyorkiesmom fittingly chose @floridayorkierescue. It’s our pleasure to make this donation to such a PAWSOME rescue group! Way to PAW IT FORWARD ALL!

Our 40th donation of $4,700 to I.C.A.R.E. Dog Rescue is our 2nd LARGEST TO-DATE! We are forever GRATEFUL to our celeb-PAW-ty host EXTRAORDINAIRE @shihtzuswag and her PAWTASTIC Host Committee–@montethemaltese @speedyboyboy @vanity_cult @potato_mctater @pattycake1billyboy1 @maya_on_the_move @chilberg @sparklesthediva–who so generously lent their PAWS to this effort in such a big way and inspired so many others to Join the WagAware Ruff-olution to help dogs in desperate need! They each so enthusiastically lent their platforms and worked daily so we could reach our goal (which we exceeded)! @sparklesthediva privately raised and is donating another $1,000 for a total of $5,700 donated to I.C.A.R.E. Dog Rescue! That makes this our MOST SUCCESSFUL FUNDRAISER TO DATE!

Our donation also brings WagAware’s total donations to dog rescue groups to a WHOPPING $74,753 in 1.5 years, solely from the sale of WagAware Charms! A special thanks to @michcant who inspired this all!!! We are also so thankful toI Care Dog Rescue for their angelic work and saving the lives of so many dogs in need EVERY SINGLE DAY. Groups like I Care Dog Rescue, on the frontlines of rescue, are true heroes, but they need our support and we are so blessed to be able to help them so much with this donation. Thank you to all our WagAware Ambassadors (two legged and four legged) who helped make this PAW-sible and who continue to spread the WagAware Word about the importance of rescue. We continue to demonstrate that together, if we all do a little bit, we can change the world for dogs in need, one charm at time! 

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