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WagAware is ELATED to Announce Our 56th Donation of $7,200 to Companion Animal Alliance, for a total of $127,100 in donations in just 2 years! Plus, a private donor added $500, for a total of $7,700 raised for #WagAware4CAA! Yesterday was one of our proudest days; we were so touched by how many came together to lend their support! CAAPets is a wonderful shelter on the front lines of rescue every single day, serving one of the nation’s poorest areas to make sure its animals (who would otherwise be abandoned, forgotten or worse) are not only safe, but cared for and loved. To do this takes an incredible amount of compassion, selflessness and emotional strength that we are just in awe of. This is exactly what drives #WagAware, to support these heroes in the animal rescue world, and boy did we this time! Thank you so much to all our Hosts and Host Committee Members who gladly stepped up to help us reach our $7K goal and beyond! So many others shared #WagAware4CAA and we are beyond grateful! Inevitably, we’ll all go back to our busy lives, but we remain forever connected by the countless animals we saved together. It is a true testament of what guides and inspires us at WagAware: rescue takes a village, but if we each do a little bit, together, we can change the world for all dogs and make it a better place for us all–one charm at a time. THANK YOU ALL!

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