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Daily ‪‎WagAware‬ is asked to help in URGENT situations. This past few months we have made over $3,000 in donations to various desperate rescue situations for a total of $127,573 donated to date in two years. Above are just two examples. Wilbur (little brown terrier) had little chance of making it out of the medical area of Carson Shelter (CA). We arranged with @SadieBordo that if she saved him, we would pay a significant portion of his vet bills. We happily paid the vet $1,200 towards his first bill and a followup visit. The vet was so distraught by how much Wilbur had been abused that he started crying when he examined Wilbur. This broke our hearts, but Wilbur’s spirit wasn’t broken. This little angel is thriving in his foster home and those awful days are behind him. Wilbur is a VERY HAPPY, UPBEAT 6 year old boy! Everyone falls madly in love with him. He needs a wonderful forever home to call his own. We are so grateful to the angelic @SadieBordo who saved and is fostering Wilbur. Sadie you are so wonderful and special to us. To donate to Wilbur’s medical care visit https://www.youcaring.com/wilbur-the-abused-carson-shelter-! Victoria (brown lab), is a 12 year old lab mix who was dying on the floor at Downey Shelter. So many were involved in saving Victoria, WagAware was just a small part of such an incredible team, including @DogMeetsFamily, @SadieBordo and the WONDERFUL The Little Red Dog, Inc Rescue who didn’t think twice about saving her. It took a tremendous amount of coordination by the Little Red Dog Rescueand we are forever grateful to them. WagAware donated $500 to her care. She is now resting safely and comfortably and getting the best care. To submit an adoption application or to donate for Victoria visit ‪#‎TheLittleRedDog‬ (http://TheLittleRedDog/Donate) for more info.

People often ask us about the other 50% that WagAware makes–this is where it goes. Please continue to support WagAware so we can continue to help in these desperate situations! ‪#‎BuyaCharmSaveaDog

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