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#WagAware4Saints DONATION TIME

WagAware is THRILLED to announce our 80th Donation of $3,750 to Saints Rescue, bringing us to a total to date of $170,106 donated to dog and cat rescue groups solely from the sale of our WagAware Charms! We owe tremendous gratitude to our stellar team of Instagram hosts for lending​ their BIG PAWS to #WagAware4SAINTS. We are beyond grateful for the wonderful hoomans at @SaintsRescue on the frontlines of rescue everyday, saving so many senior and special needs dogs’ and cats’ lives and making the world a better place for us ALL! Please continue to support their invaluable work! Once again we show that if we all do a little bit, together, we can change the world for dogs and cats (and pigs) in need, one charm at a time. THANK YOU TO ALL OUR WAG-VOCATES! Photo Credit: Angel (@thevandogdiaries)

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