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Donation Time for Harvey Pets

WagAware’s thrilled to announce our 130th donation of $4,250 to Houston Humane Society to help so many displaced and homeless pets impacted by the devastation of Hurricane Harvey! PLUS, we are incredibly grateful to @1996barncoco for so generously matching this donation 100%–for a WHOPPING total of $8,500 donated to Houston Humane Society! This donation brings #WagAware’s total donations to Harvey animal victims to $11,500 in just the past 2 weeks solely from donating 100% of our sales, and nearly $290,000 (and counting) in just under 4 years to help homeless pets! THANK YOU to everyone who made this PAW-sible! Everyone always thanks us, but truly we could never do so much without each and every person and pet who supports us! Together we continue to demonstrate what we’ve always believed–if each of us does just a little bit, together we can change the world! This donation will save countless lives and help so many families rebuild and we could never have done this without YOU! 🙌 Thank you WAG-vocates! You have changed the world for good! We continue to pray for those impacted by the devastating hurricanes and we will continue to do all we can to support you and those pets and homeless pets that need us.

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